To help ensure that everyone’s experience is pleasant and comfortable please make sure to refer to these policies when using our facility 

**New policy changes**

**** We will now require all members who are using the guest computers either during staffed and/or after hours to use hand sanitizer that is provided for you at the desk. The sanitizer should be used before and after touching the keyboard and fingerprint scanners.

*** To adhere to new Social Distancing requirements, if you are having to wait on a previous customer that is using your bed, we asks that you leave your name and phone number with our staff and return to your vehicle. Our staff will call or text you once your bed is ready.

**  If you purchased an after hours access key with any tan service that is "NOT" a V.I.P membership, you will be required to pay a reactivation fee  $15.99

      once your temporary package/membership has ended. 

**  All V.I.P packages require a (4) month minimum membership purchase. 

** All V.I.P members are allowed to freeze their accounts for FREE  (1) time per year. If you require to freeze more then once per year, there will be a $19.99         fee each time.

**  Used lotions can NOT be returned for a refund. 



Anyone that wishes to purchase a key fob for after hours use is required to put a credit card on file due to our insurance policy, NO EXCEPTIONS! This does not mean that you have to do an automatic debit membership, we offer several paid up front membership options ranging from 1 month to 1 year, if your card is on file for after hours use, it will never be charged unless you purchase a lotion after hours or tell us to renew your membership over the phone.


If you would like to purchase a product after hours BE SURE to sign it out on the PRODUCT PURCHASE LOG, PAYMENT OF A PRODUCT AFTER HOURS IS DUE IMMEDIATELY UPON PURCHASE.

Failure to do so will result in late fees, the suspension of your after hours access, and possible termination of your membership.


Please do not play your own personal music out loud, if you would like to listen to your own music please use headphones.


Please be sure to wipe down the bed BEFORE & AFTER yourself.




If client is under 18 and at least 14 they must have parent/legal guardian consent, parent/legal guardian must come into the salon in person and show proper identification and sign our liability waiver along with minor.


Each after hour’s client must swipe key separately (ex: if husband and wife both have a membership and come to tan at the same time after hours each of them must swipe their key separately).


No kids allowed in the salon under the age of 14, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Absolutely NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS allowed in the salon.

Each client must clean the bed before and after themselves, if a complaint is made that a client is not cleaning the bed after themselves then a warning will be given after that the client will only be allowed to tan during staffed hours.

Anyone that is caught bringing anyone in with them after hours is subject to a $500 breech of security fee.


No more than one person is allowed in the tanning room at a time, friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife are NEVER allowed in the room together at the same time!